Toller has the worst luck

Two nights ago Toller was out in the living room, with Sasha tethered in her corner for safety, and all was fine.

My partner nipped next door to get me a drink, and I had a seizure whilst he was out the room. In that time Sasha managed to really hurt Toller in play, despite being tethered.

Toller had a vet appt for an x-ray the next day (no emergency appt as they can’t x-ray at night), and the x-ray came back with no obvious break…best case scenario is it was a nasty knock, and she will recover with rest. Worst is a torn ligament or hidden fracture. We have a check up in a week.

I feel absolutely awful. I’ve never felt so guilty. And we’re left having to make a tough decision with Sasha, because I can’t cope having to keep her separate from both the small dogs 24/7, along with a crate (well, room…) and rotate system with Kasper, because he doesn’t like being pestered by the other dogs. I just can’t.

Toller is on crate rest again, which breaks my heart, and toileting has been…fun…as we tried to get her to understand that the sling we put under her really was necessary, because her remaining left leg wasn’t working!!!

We have a vet appt in a week and are taking it easy until then. Back to being carried.

The entire thing’s a mess. I’m sure we’ll get through it, but I feel awful about it all.

Insults and abuse will be deleted, and we don’t really need any advice as we’ve talked the whole thing through a lot, and will make the best decision for our family.

I’m just tired and stressed, sorry if I sound grumpy…

Big wet walk means…

…big wet dog!!


Yesterday, because it was raining, we decided to enjoy a big hike with Miss Spoo, as she doesn’t mind rain at all. Kasper also has no issues with rain, but I can’t walk him much at all anymore, as he’s too hard to manage if I have a seizures, even if my partner has him.

Although the littlies are pretty good in the rain, they get very wet and cold from the grass, and Mojo doesn’t enjoy heavy rain.

We walked through town, and Sasha was wonderful.

Town was busy, and several morons tried to interact with her (morons because a they ignored her bright red DO NOT PET lead, and b they had no idea how to appropriately interact with dogs – they screamed at her, stared at her, loomed over etc). Whilst Sasha cowered away and didn’t enjoy it, less than ten seconds later she had completely recovered and it was like it never happened.

That was amazing to see, what wonderful progress she’s made 🙂

We walked along the canal, then followed the bridge over it to some fields. Sasha said hi to some doggy friends and enjoyed spotting and chasing the ducks!

At the top of a hill it started really bouncing it down, so we sheltered under a tree for a few minutes.


I think she may be part mountain goat…? XD


Once the rain had subsided to moderate drizzle we carried on.

This walk made me really proud of how reliable and solid Sasha is with cues. She could be off lead practically anywhere. Her recall was phenomenal, and her automatic behaviours were awesome to witness – frequent check ins, never straying far, and turning to me when she saw a person / dog ahead.

All things we’ve worked hard on since puppyhood, but seeing the training pay off so obviously feels great 😀


We looped around the forest, which Sasha LOVED. Some of the descents were bloody terrifying with all the rain, but it was a beautiful walk so worth it 🙂



Then it was back through the field, and onto the canal again!

It’s awesome having a dog you can enjoy walks with whatevber the weather 😀


A big day for a small dog!

This morning we planned to go out again, as the weather was nice and I was feeling good.

(I’ve just had a cluster of seizures and banged my head, so this might be disjointed or weird or whatever, but I just want to plow through it and finish so bear with me!)

We took Sasha on a nice walk to the beach so she could get her energy out. The beach looks so different at low tide – this photo was taken today.

Exact same place, two days ago, high tide!

After Sasha’s walk we settled her, then walked through town with Mojo to the bus stop – waiting for the bus like a good boy!


Mojo was great on the bus! There was a screaming child and someone with learning difficulties making continous loud ‘growling’ noises, and he was sooooo good!

Off the bus we popped into the garden centre. We didn’t stay long because it was heaving with lots of silly people, and I was feeling a little ‘off’ along with being starving hungry 😛


We headed down the road to the beach and Mojo had fun pootling, then we settled for a bite to eat. Mojo showed some damn good impulse control, although I didn’t expect this of him for longer than 15 seconds 😛


He got some sponge cake as a reward…which he promptly rolled on XD

Showing restraint as I ate


Happy boy 🙂


Walking further on, Mojo DIVED into a ditch full of salt water. He thought the scum on top was grass, so he jumped expecting a solid surface and just went SPLASH!!

I called encouragement as he turned in an arc and swam out, a panicked look on his face, and then he did happy-dog zoomies…omg he looked so cute sodden, my little drowned rat! ❤ ❤ ❤

As you can see, he was traumatised 😉


Guess who didn’t react to sheep at all on this walk?!

GOOD JOB MOJO!! They were *really* close too, and there were hundreds of them. I am proud of this dude 😀

Dead things are scary though…

And some views.

Really good day. Brain mush big time now though.

Sunny evening mega-hike

We had plans today to get the bus to the garden centre with Mojo, and walk back along the shore.

I took Sasha out for a run before we planned to leave, and had lunch when we got back. Unfortunately some seizures left me exhausted, and I ended up falling asleep. I woke up feeling like crud, with seizures as I was waking leaving me feeling really odd and with a headache.

My partner took Sasha out for another walk as I drank lots of fluids and took pain pills, and we were still planning on getting the bus to the garden centre with Mojo…but when they got back we realised school had just finished, which would mean annoyingly busy, noisy buses, and so we scrapped the idea!

Instead we hung about at home for a few hours, then decided we’d take Sasha and Mojie on a big evening hike.

We walked through the fields to the next village, and spontaneously decided to climb the 163m mountain rather than walk to the forest as we’d planned. I’m glad we followed our hearts as it was such a good walk!

For starters, Mojo walked within 6ft of a cow for the first time!

He was super reactive to cows when he was younger, and would bark even when we carried him past them at a distance. This is the first time he has walked so close past them (and he did it several times on this walk so it wasn’t a fluke!) and not only was he silent, but he was totally confident too – play bows and happy bounding!!

Walking through the village 🙂


Entering this field the D clip that connected two leads together (making one lead for Sasha) snapped, and Sasha zoomed past me – how scary is that?! We were by a main road minutes before!!

These were D clips made to be used to attach dogs’ leads to a running belt, too!Bloody lucky it snapped in this field…


The hills on this walk crippled me. Despite my cold being a couple weeks ago, my lungs are still screwed…if I move I can’t breathe haha, and I have several fits of coughing a day to the point of almost being sick. Other than that I’m fine, so it’s very annoying!

Hill #1

Sasha had a hair cut today, we got her back legs, tail, most her front, her ears (inside and out) and her face…she looks tooo cute now!


Mojo was so proud of himself for finding this sheep wool, and kept bounding up to Sasha to show it off XD


The style at the top of this field is STUPID narrow. None of our dogs bigger than the littles can fit through it. My partner has to lift Sasha over…I love how regal her expression is here!! 😀


Now the real climb begins

Guess who made it all the way to the top?

This little turd!!

It’s crazy because his stamina is poop, he needs carrying on a 20 minute walk usually, but he makes it to the next village and up a mountain…like wth?!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mountaineering cows!!


Mojo was finally starting to tire here, so he got popped into his carry bag. This meant Sasha was able to go off lead and stretch her legs.


Sashie-bum saw quite a few people on this walk – just in passing, none tried to interact with her – but she was really confident with them.

A couple climbed over a style and chose the route that took them within a few foot of us (hoping to say hello to her, but they didn’t even try when they saw her DO NOT PET lead!) and Sasha rocked a stay and focus on me. Then there were several children she paid basically no attention to, a jogger that ran close by with no warning, and some drunk adults too.

Nice job Sasha 🙂 ❤


A big day out & much good luck!

We’ve had an awesome and crazy-lucky day today.

We woke up this morning saying we should go out somewhere, and decided to get the bus to a beach and walk along the shore to the village where my partner’s parents live. He phoned them up and asked if they would be in, and we ended up saying we’d go for dinner.

We hadn’t been to their house in 12-24 months, due to seizures and one thing and another.

We set off, and just after getting off the bus I realised my mobile had dropped out of my pocket. God damn it…

I was really upset because my phone is how I remember things, through the photos, and losing a phone is never nice anyway. After some sadness and anger my partner helped me talk it through, and I felt much better.

We got to my partner’s parents’ house, and his mum was out…COLLECTING MY PHONE!!

Someone had found it on the bus and called the last rung number, which was luckily them! 😀

So I got my phone back, and as a result here are some photos of our awesome day!

On the bus


Very excited to explore their huge garden!!

Everyone there absolutely adored him. They didn’t have one bad word to say about him, and even my partner’s little brother (early 20s) who tends to like bigger, more tough looking, dogs really loved him 😀

Mojo thought having such a big house to run around and explore was great fun, and he got extremely excited to find their cat…he’s a giant Maine Coone cross, literally 3+x the size of Mojo, yet the cat was terrified and belted from Mojo, who was desperate to wrestle HAHAHA!!


During lunch the lighting inside was getting to me, and I had a few seizures. Apparently the brother was very shocked and confused at what was happening hahaha!! But I went to sit outside…


…and after they’d finished main everyone else joined me outside too. That was really nice!

After walking along the shore (well, he demanded to be carried half the way, but…) and running about like a mad thing at their house, Mojo was POOPED!! We sat about chatting a while and he cuddled on my partner’s lap.

Then it was time to get a lift home!

It was a really nice day though, and felt like a huge spoonie success. We’re hoping to do it much more often 🙂

Yesterday adventures

Last night Boo & Sasha enjoyed a walk together.

Kaser blew his recall off within the first five minutes of being off lead (his recall is perfect, until it’s not 😉 ). He was OBSESSED with a smell on the football field, and even as I walked up to him he would not come, and I eventually had to block him from passing and grab his harness. He spent the rest of the walk on lead.


We have a VERY clear ‘one strike and you’re out’ rule with Kasper’s recall, because when it’s off, it’s off!!


Walking back towards the main road, an old man walking an equally old JRT came towards us. He didn’t even try stop the dog as it belted towards me and Kasper, and I didn’t have time to yell at him to get his damn dog.

Thankfully Sasha and Kasper are both good with other dogs, but Kasper is PERFECT in that he’s very very polite until he needs to tell another dog off. And then he will tell them off, also perfectly.

Kasper greeted the dog as my partner tucked out the way with Sasha (for one not trusting the dog, and definitely not trusting the owner). Kasper and the JRT parted ways, and we carried on.

About 20 seconds later I became aware of the JRT running back to us, just passing me to get to Kasper. I had time to yell “dog incoming, Kasper!”, so he had at least some warning, but as he turned the JRT was already upon him.

Kasper reacted brilliantly, he gave a loud bark and a growl, and the JRT was very shocked. It backed away, growled a little, and then finally ran back to it’s owner – who STILL hadn’t tried to call the dog!!


And earlier in the day we took Mojo through town.

We were planning on getting a drink at a pub, but hadn’t realised how early it was, and the pub didn’t open for another 2 hours (#spoonielife!!). Instead Mojo popped in a charity shop and enjoyed a walk along the canal.


Sit stays and a stand stay 🙂

And two days ago I got bit by a horsefly. Third time this season. This was it last night.

It’s underneath my leg, and last night the swelling spanned over 9 inches. I hate horseflies SO MUCH!!!

Mojo’s town trip

I don’t remember what I have and haven’t posted, what with being ill and having increased seizures….so I’m just gonna write about Mojo’s trip into town from a few days ago.

I had a nap this evening and my partner walked Mojo whilst I slept…I was super pissed because today’s the first day I’ve been well enough to walk him, and my partner coulda walked either of the girls, but he walked Mojo. Guess I have to wait another day to take my baby boy out 😦

Here’s the last walk I did go on with him though, and it was awesome!

We walked into town and stopped by a takeaway to place an order, then walked through the centre to a shop. Mojo was incredible, and despite the busy town centre he was just focusing on me. The best bit was when this dumbass woman in her late 40’s that works at Co-op came out and started cooing at Mojo, from about 2ft away, and Mojo literally just ignored her and focused on me, wagging his tail!!

It was special because that same moron was an absolute fucking idiot a year or so back, when Pixie was with us. Pixie had her NERVOUS lead and a harness that said DO NOT PET, and the woman came up saying “Do not pet, what’s that mean?”

My partner explained Pixie was a rescue and very very fearful of people, and we were slowly exposing her to the world and showing her she didn’t need to be scared. I moved myself and Pixie away as my partner spoke to the woman. The woman then said “But she needs socialising doesn’t she, she needs people to stroke her so she isn’t scared”, and she started trying to walk over to me and Pixie, even though we were 20+ft away!!!

I do not understand why people think fearful dogs need to be interacted with, it honestly blows my mind. I just bought this lead for Sasha tonight, because people can’t understand that because she’s nervous with people THAT MEANS DON’T FECKING INTERACT WITH HER!!

Anyway. After about 20 seconds of Mojo ignoring the moron, I told him it was okay to go say hi and took him over to her so he would actually interact with her – not for her sake, but because I knew Mojo would enjoy it 😉

He greeted her, then she called out another staff member who he got to say hello to, and then he got to greet a customer too!!

Feeling very happy with himself we headed to a supermarket car park, and Mojo got to go off lead because everywhere was shut.

We worked on stays…


And unders!


On the way back to the takeaway we also practiced perching on a raised uneven surface 😀

Outside the takeaway Mojo was phenomenal – we were sat on the main strip in town, next to a busy road and people milling about, and this is what he did! ❤


A family going to pick up their food also fussed him, and again he ignored them until I really drilled home that he should go say hi XD

My favourite thing is just after he’s greeted someone, and afterwards he walks around with THE BIGGEST grin on his face!!

It’s the same if I call him to do something on walks, he’ll be mooching about minding his own business, then I call him and he runs over with a grin…he’s so awesome 🙂

My partner’s just out with Sasha, then we’re taking Tolly for a walk through town and probably along the canal. We were gonna bring Sasha too, but I couldn’t be arsed dealing with people forcing themself on her…it’s always worse when there’s a friendly dog walking with her, people think Sasha’s missing out if they don’t fuss her too, even when we say she doesn’t want attention -__-

I love that Toller’s nub has enough hair for harnesses now, because she’s getting much more impressive walks and we’re all loving it!